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Designed for exercise.

Technogym, Luxurious Exercise Equipment

Exercise equipment can be an eyesore—picture rowing machines and treadmills relegated to garages and basements where they lurk like bulky monsters. Yet when crafted by Technogym, Italy’s premier creator of luxury work-out contraptions, such mundane accouterments are suddenly rendered worthy of display.

Since 1982, Technogym has created equipment and accessories with good design at their heart (they were the exclusive fitness supplier for the Rio Olympic Games). With all products made in Italy, where the stunning Technogym Village stands as company headquarters just outside Bologna, Technogym collaborates with star designers such as Antonio Citterio, the distinguished architect and interior designer known for crafting Hermès’s lavish store environments, to create ergonomic machines that don’t ruin the aesthetics of a space.

Consider their Kinesis Personal Leather for example: a panel of carefully selected leather that has been upholstered by hand which sits flat on walls with a system of pulleys attached, allowing you to exercise natural body movements to improve resistance, balance, strength, and flexibility. Technogym’s eye for design also extends to small, but vital accessories such as fine leather ankle straps. Similarly thoughtful details are found in Technogym’s larger equipment: treadmills, elliptical machines, multi-gyms, and bikes are all finished with sleek silhouettes. Citterio’s Recline Personal bike has even received the Red Dot Design Award, the most prestigious German design award, for which 14,000 hopefuls apply each year across the categories of best product design, communication design, and design concept.

Perhaps most impressively, Technogym has created workout gear one can’t help but want to use, eliminating one more barrier between us and our fitter, healthier selves. How compelling that the road to looking and feeling good can start with a beautifully built machine.