Pirelli Unveils “On the Road,” its 2022 Calendar Photographed by Bryan Adams

The Cal for another year.

St. Vincent graced the front cover of 2022’s calendar.


Newton, Avedon, Ritz, Lindbergh, Leibovitz, Lagerfeld, Demarchelier: all have been tasked with creating the Pirelli Calendar, the Italian automotive company’s version of a pin-up collection. Since 1964, “The Cal,” as it is referred to, has been interpreted by an impressive list of photographers, and now Canadian talent Bryan Adams is among them. “I am in good company,” the singer-turned-photographer says from his hotel room in Milan, having tested positive for COVID after arriving in Italy and now in quarantine.

American singer Normani is the model for June.


Pop icon Cher takes the May spot.


The 2022 edition, themed “On the Road,” stars some of the music industry’s biggest names, including Iggy Pop, Cher, Grimes, and Jennifer Hudson, with St. Vincent on the cover of the vinyl LP slipcase containing the 160-page calendar.

“On the road is what I have been doing for most of my life,” the 62-year-old Adams says. “What I tried to do was to represent some of the aspects of being on the road. Musicians never really see the front of the building—we see the back, we see the stage door, we see the backstage, we see the basement; we go from stage door to car door to hotel door and bus door.”


Kali Uchis poses for March.


Bohan Phoenix is October.


Saweetie exemplifies the theme for April.


Rita Ora takes November.


For “The Cal” 2022, musicians relive moments of life on tour; the photographs follow a narrative arc of what goes on behind the scenes—experiences Adams knows well. Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles was one of the locations for the shoot, as was Hotel Scalinatella in Capri, Italy, where the photos of Saweetie were taken. Adams himself closes the calendar as December pin-up. “We were short one person, and time had run out, and I just went into the parking lot and did some photographs with the hopes that it would be a good closure to the calendar,” Adams reveals. “I guess I can say I am a Pirelli calendar model now.”


A glittering Iggy Pop is the back cover.


Images compliments of Pirelli & C. S.p.A.