La Pomme, Capsulo Micro Hotel in Normandy

Fruit of the room.

Cider, calvados, and camembert. The northern coast of France is home to some delicious trails, one of them being the La Route du Cidre, which takes outdoor enthusiasts on a pilgrimage through some of France’s most delicious sips made from the humble apple.

This summer, two architects, Julien Decaillon and Aurélie Poirrier, will add an extra apple to Normandy with the latest edition to their brand of micro-hotels, Capsulo.

Described as space capsules, these hotels are miniature and isolated. Featured is the second project in what the duo describe as an “explorative micro hotel.”

As a tribute to the region’s organic farmers and historical cider trail (which dates back to the sixth century), the architects have given travellers an opportunity to embrace local surroundings with La Pomme du Bois Rond.

Using imagination is key when experiencing this pop-up hotel which resembles a giant apple nestled in the woods and surrounded by the rolling hills that make up the Norman countryside.


“In Normandy, we created La Pomme. The gigantic apple [hotel] stands at the top of a hill like the forbidden fruit in a Garden of Eden,” says Poirrier. “The exterior wood is mahogany’s colour like the skin of the fruit. The interior is as white as the flesh and the furniture is rounded. There are two transparent skylines to give a half-eaten apple image.”

Guests standing a short distance from the hotel will also see that the hotel is artfully embedded in the ground and is surrounded by a crop circle—the architects created something that resembles an apple freshly fallen from the tree.

Breakfast is served by a nearby farmer who offers fresh milk, meat, and locally produced cheese which match very well with housemade cider.

Lying in the cushy bed, guests can admire the landscape and enjoy the night sky thanks to the transparent ceilings which open up. A wellness centre in a nearby farm is currently under construction to round off a truly unique and exclusive experience.



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