Beyond the Beaches of Bermuda

Caves, culture, and cuisine.

Best known as the birthplace of Bermuda shorts and the dark ’n’ stormy cocktail, this beautiful island has definitely made its mark, but there is so much more to uncover beyond its pristine pink sand beaches.

After you’ve sat back and sunk your toes into the sand, or gone scuba-diving and explored one of Bermuda’s many offshore shipwrecks, head inland to explore the island’s incomparable offerings. From stunning caves to eclectic cultural sites to must-try local cuisine, here’s how to locate Bermuda’s best spots—beyond the beach.


The town of St. George’s is full of colour.



Whether you’re visiting with family or enjoying an adults-only getaway, the Bermuda Aquarium & Zoo is a great place to start. The eighth oldest continuously operating aquarium in the world, this attraction maintains a focus on conservation while regularly updating and evolving. You’ll find new immersive exhibits, where you can wander among the animals as they roam freely, visit a 100-year-old rescued Galapagos tortoise, and discover the colourful sea life found near the barrier reef that surrounds Bermuda. Visit to learn about the island’s systems, and then seek them when you’re out and about.

Stop in at the Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art, which pays homage to local artists while honouring visitors who have made an impact on the island. A stunning statue at the entrance pays tribute to John Lennon, who enjoyed an extended stay in Bermuda before his death and wrote his last album, Double Fantasy, there. You’ll also find a statue of Mark Twain, as well as works of art by esteemed artists such as Georgia O’Keeffe and Malcolm Morley.




Discovered in the early 1900s by two boys who chased their cricket ball into an opening in the ground, Bermuda’s Crystal Cave has become a top tourist attraction. Take a jaw-dropping jaunt along floating pontoon pathways and gaze at the jewel-toned pools and dangling white stalactites. Crystal Cave was the inspiration behind the ’80s hit children’s show Fraggle Rock and a favourite spot visited by famous figures such as Mark Twain.

A visit to Bermuda wouldn’t be complete without a stroll through St. George’s, a scenic city that dates back to the 1600s and a UNESCO World Heritage site. Go for the pastel-coloured buildings and stay for the quaint cafés and local shops. For unique-to-Bermuda keepsakes, pick up a pink sand souvenir from Alexandra Mosher’s jewellery studio or a truly unique fragrant find at Canadian-run perfumery Lili Bermuda.


Art Mel’s famous fish sandwich.



Head to Flatts Village for a healthy start to the day with breakfast at Village Pantry, where you’ll find the menu packed with dishes made from nutritious, locally sourced ingredients. Popular picks include the Avocado Bake, which features melted cheese, smoked ham, and heaps of crushed avocado on a thick slice of 100 per cent organic flour bread, and the Banana Bread French Toast. For lunch, venture to Art Mel’s, a takeout spot tucked away on the outskirts of Hamilton, for a five-layer fish sandwich (with soft, homemade raisin bread, coleslaw, hot sauce, and fried fish—usually snapper). Wash it down with a cold can of ginger beer—a local Bermudian tradition.

Finish your day with a fancy feast at the Island Brasserie, located at the Rosewood Bermuda, where you can enjoy decadent dishes (the cassava bites are a must-have starter) in a space that feels like you’re dining in a friend’s colonial-style home.


Bermuda Spa reflecting pool at the Rosewood. Photo courtesy of the Rosewood Bermuda.



Find laid-back luxury at the Rosewood Bermuda, a five-star oasis that sits snug against the shore of Bermuda’s largest private pink sand Tucker’s Point Beach, found at the east end of the island. The property was fully renovated last year and there is plenty of play to be had on-site: four swimming pools, a spa, an on-site beach club, and a tennis and golf club make sure of that. When night falls, you can sleep like royalty in a spacious room, superior suite, or private residence, and enjoy the British charm of each space.


Photos courtesy of Bermuda Tourist Authority.


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