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La Mer’s Blue Heart

World Oceans Day.

Covering more than 70 per cent of the Earth’s surface, our planet’s aquatic expanses are constant sources of inspiration, adventure, and most importantly, vitality. On June 8, we celebrate the largest of these ecosystems on World Oceans Day. Recognized in 2009 by the United Nations, World Oceans Day serves to bring awareness to these sensitive marine habitats while encouraging preservation and exploration.

In partnership with the National Geographic Society, award-winning cosmetics brand La Mer is joining the cause for a third consecutive year. To date, the company has donated upwards of $2 million (U.S.) to organizations that promote ocean conservation efforts, and with good reason. It has been harnessing the healing properties of nutrient-laden marine plants—ascophyllum nodosum seaweed and bio-ceramic white algae—for nearly two decades. Sea kelp, or giant kelp, forms the base of the company’s trademark Miracle Broth, the centrepiece of its entire product roster. Understanding the importance of its prized ingredient, La Mer steadfastly supports the protection of our natural oceanic habitats, and gently harvests each frond by hand off the coast of Vancouver Island.

This year the company will also honour Dr. Andrea Marshall, conservation biologist and National Geographic Society emerging explorer by promoting her groundbreaking research on threatened manta rays and other vulnerable marine megafauna. Her efforts have spurred the creation of her own conservation program in support of these critical habitats as well. In addition, to mark this year’s celebration of World Oceans Day, La Mer has also released Blue Heart, a limited-edition jar of its Crème de la Mer in a design inspired by sea glass, a beautiful display of its ongoing dedication to ocean conservation.