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Sebastian ErraZuriz’s Wave Cabinet

Design gets wavy.

At first glance, Sebastian ErraZuriz’s Wave Cabinet appears solid: a series of narrow wooden slats closes off on all sides. But with a gentle pull, a domino effect is initiated, unexpectedly setting the cabinet in motion.

The doorless Wave Cabinet seems impenetrable, perhaps even unapproachable. Its caged enclosure pragmatically creates a hidden space in which to store away trinkets, but open it up and the Wave Cabinet establishes an intriguing tableau—a crest just on the hinge of crashing. Chilean-born, New York–based artist ErraZuriz has expressed interest in “using the medium as an excuse to trigger people’s curiosity and create a connection with them.” The video below demonstrates the cabinet’s potential for hypnotic fluidity, emulating the constant rolling of an ocean wave.

It’s an invitation, a challenge, to come and play.