The Hudson’s Bay Project Adventure

A Canadian road trip.

NUVO Blog: Hudson's Bay Project Adventure

The cross-country road trip is something of a rite of passage for Canadians; our country’s vast and varied terrain—from the rugged Rocky Mountains to sweeping prairie fields and the shores of the Great Lakes, flanked by the Atlantic and Pacific oceans—is ample raw material for exploration. And while nothing beats getting behind the wheel, we don’t all have the time, or patience, for a journey of this magnitude.

The Hudson’s Bay Project Adventure is just the ticket for a vicarious cross-country vacation. Four participants—Michael Simonetti, Brent Marson, Ryan Banting, and Chris Arthur, all avid travellers, athletes, and filmmakers—have been selected for a two-month long road trip across Canada; the tour began June 19 in Vancouver, British Columbia and finishes in Rocky Harbour, Newfoundland on August 11. Along the way, the four will stop to stretch their legs with activities like surfing, kayaking, bear tours, snorkeling with Beluga whales, dog sledding, the CN Tower Edge Walk, and training sessions with Olympic athletes.

The project is, in a sense, a nod to the company’s origins—its history is entrenched in early Canadian exploration, dating back as far as 1670. The contemporary version is classic Canadiana: their ride is an RV emblazoned with the Bay’s iconic stripes, which will be making pit stops in 49 Canadian cities. Follow along on B-Insider to find out when it might be parked in your neighbourhood; a web series begins today to mark the country’s 146th birthday.