Tudor Has Opened its First Mono-brand Boutique in North America

On Tudor time at Yorkdale.

We like to celebrate firsts: first words, first steps, first birthday, first day of school—along with many more firsts on the course of life. It is important to recognize and celebrate first milestones and so a toast to the first Tudor mono-brand boutique in North America that has opened its doors at Yorkdale. In a partnership between Raffi Jewellers and the Swiss watchmaker, the new boutique is a showcase for the #BorntoDare Tudor universe. Images of brand ambassadors David Beckham, Jay Chou, and Lady Gaga are propped amongst the various Tudor models within the brand’s iconic black, red, and white colour palette. There is the all-important first timepiece for measuring life events. First preference? Tudor Black Bay.


Tudor Boutique Toronto


Tudor boutique Toronto