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Sound Advice

Turn it up with headphones from Sol Republic, Bang & Olufsen, and Urbanears.

Music is intimate, and headphones fuse a connection to bring you closer to it. The team behind electronics company Sol Republic understands the importance of this concept well. Their Tracks Ultra headphones feature optimum noise isolation, allowing their V12 sound engine to deliver clarity of instruments, vocals, and bass. The soft speaker pads are wide enough to shut out the world and cushy enough to get lost in song for hours.

The right pair of headphones can transform your entire listening experience. Sound quality and comfort are essential, and Bang & Olufsen designed their Earphones to fit the contours of each ear individually. Crafted from anodized aluminum and hard rubber, the high-tech jewellery moves up, down, and right-to-left, providing impeccable adjustability and acoustics. With such detailing, you can fine-tune your listening experience and discover elements of your favourite album that you didn’t realize existed.

Of course, headphones aren’t purely functional—they can express style, too. Scandinavian collective Urbanears creates bright, high-performance headphones that feel more like clothes than chromed plastic, available in a rainbow of colours; this fall sees the debut of new shades in clover, cobalt, and lilac.  The brand isn’t just colourful, it has a conscience too. Proceeds from their Re:Plattan model, made of recycled parts from previous collections,  are donated to protect the Costa Rican rainforests.