The Bentley Bentayga

An ultra-luxury SUV.

“The Bentley Bentayga is extraordinary in many ways,” Michael Winkler, president and CEO of Bentley Americas, stated at the Vancouver unveiling of the Bentayga, which has now entered a market hungry for SUVs. The handsome vehicle certainly exhibits keen attention to detail (each unit requires 130 hours of hand-craftsmanship). “It combines like no other SUV in the world. The unique experience you’d expect from a Bentley, including the luxurious interior, use of materials, and extreme performance with 600 horsepower, 720Nm of torque, and a top speed of 300 kilometres is rightfully claimed as the fastest SUV in the market,” Winkler continues. Bentley’s increased emphasis on SUVs reflects the automaker’s lofty market goals. “If you want to grow a business, then you have to look for new opportunities,” he explains. “If you look in the automotive industry, where the opportunities lie, it’s very clear that SUVs are the quickest growing segment across the world.” Bentley aims to sell 12,000 units of the Bentayga by 2018, and Winkler is confident consumers will be attracted to the model’s uniqueness. “Nothing like it exists anywhere else in the industry,” he affirms.