Titled Folklore, this work examines human action and the heavy consequences it can lead to.

Charles Pétillon’s Balloon Invasions

Otherworldly landscapes.

Charles Pétillon is a self-taught French photographer and artist known for his large-scale balloon installations, including the installation of 100,000 balloons in London’s Covent Garden. The idea to employ balloons in his work came from his research in applied art. “Balloons allow me to materialize ideas or concepts in a rather poetic way, contrasting the delicacy and fragility of this medium with the roughness of the installation sites,” he says. Pétillon approaches each landscape as stage and creates “a dialogue or a balance of power with the place,” using white to evoke rest and tranquility and creating otherworldly moments in unexpected locations.


In Copier Coller, Pétillon comments on globalization and the commonalities that unite people across cultures.

Le doute, photographed at Abbaye Notre-Dame de Fontaine-Guérard in Normandy, is a metaphor for 13th-century monks’ living conditions.

Collective memories are found within the walls of a family home in Souvenirs de famille.

Billowing like smoke, Activités de plein air 1 is part of a series that symbolizes human impact on the environment.

Igloo 2

33 Kilomètres (diptyque)

Activités de plein air 2

Playstation 2

Mutations 2


To view more of Charles Pétillon’s work, visit @charlespetillon.