Mellifera Bees


NUVO Magazine: Mellifera Bees

There is no shortage of specialties on the shelves of fine food stores or at farmers’ markets, but standing out from the crowds of jars are the specialty honey infusions from Mellifera Bees. These local delicacies are handcrafted by owner and beekeeper Melissa Cartwright from raw unprocessed honey culled from hives across Vancouver. Cartwright infuses the honey with organic fruits and spices, all of which are seasonally sourced from B.C. farmers or suppliers. Her concoctions include lemon, lavender, vanilla bean, and—for bolder palates—Thai chili and cardamom. But don’t expect Mellifera to stay a West Coast secret forever; over the holidays, find it at Crate & Barrel stores across Alberta, Ontario, and Quebec.