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Molo’s 24-Karat Gold Coated Stool

Gilded pleasures.

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Illuminated manuscripts from the Middle Ages often feature thin layers of gold coating the pages’ edge or decorating the text. Vancouver-based design and production studio molo honours its ongoing connection to paper with this age-old process in a special edition, 24-karat gold gilded version of its Softseating Fanning Stool. The stool is a core design of molo’s Soft collection, composed of modular kraft paper furnishings made sturdy yet flexible by an internal honeycomb structure. When fanned, the Gilded Paper Softseating Fanning Stool can be used alone or affixed to others for a variety of seating arrangements. Compressed, the seat can be tucked away on a bookshelf, adding a hint of a gleam to any room.

Photos by molo.


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