Pia Riverola’s <i>Markets</i>, photographed in Mexico City.

Mexico in Bloom

From photographer Pia Riverola's debut monograph, Flechazo.

For photographer Pia Riverola, the place she felt most at home turned out to be thousands of kilometres from her birthplace. Though she was born in Barcelona, it was in Mexico that she grew into herself and her art form. Riverola spent 10 years documenting the spirit of the country for her debut monograph, Flechazo: “love at first sight.” The book is her photographic tribute to the people, land, and culture of Mexico. From Oaxaca to Ixtapa, Riverola captures moments of life in vibrant and dreamy images shot on film. She adds a sense of romance to the everyday, her love for the place palpable to the viewer in each picture. “It’s the gestures, the moments in between, the sometimes hidden parts, the rituals of the past but even more so the rhythm of the everyday that reveal the heart and soul of a culture,” Riverola says. Across 103 photographs, Flechazo captures Mexico’s soul.


Día de Muertos in Mexico City.

Cempasúchil taken in San José Manialtepec, Oaxaca.

Terciopelo II, Mexico City.

Recuerdo a Mi Madre*, Guadalajara.

Día de Muertos in Mexico City.

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