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The Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum

Ancient Alberta.

In the not-too-distant future, a new museum in Northern Alberta has big plans to fully immerse its visitors in the very distant past. The long-awaited Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum finally broke ground last year and is slated to open this December. The 41,000-square-foot timber-truss structure—designed by Teeple Architects with exhibits designed by Reich + Petch—will be a hub of science, complete with galleries, an oil and gas wing, a theatre, two classrooms, and a paleontology lab. The space will also feature the bones of more than 20 different animals, including the pachyrhinosaurus, one of the rarest horned dinosaurs. Named after Canada’s most famous paleontologist, the museum promises to put the town of Wembley on the dinosaur lover’s map.

Renderings by Teeple Architects.