Peter Marino is a self-proclaimed “black sheep” of the architecture world. Well known for his black leather attire, Marino has designed many of the world’s most forward-thinking retail temples.

Richard Meier, renowned as a member of the New York Five and recipient of some of the architecture world’s highest accolades, is more interested in the ongoing challenges of design innovation than in slowing down.

“I worked every day on this car for about six months,” said Jeff Koons recently, waving a hand across his BMW M3 GT2 Art Car at Art Basel Miami Beach. The 58-year-old artist was in town to unveil his work of auto art, which rolled onto Floridian soil this month for its North American debut.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: The tide was high, the moon was full, and the time was right. This four-day extravaganza opened with balmy breezes that reached a pleasantly hedonistic whirlwind before the week was out.