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Champagne comes with inherent dramatic flair—after all, it’s classically celebratory and onomatopoeic to boot (pop! Spritz! Fizzle!). Now, thanks to St. Regis Hotels and French silver company Christofle, “swoosh” can be added to the mix—or, you know, whatever noise a saber makes as it cleanly sluices through glass.

A childhood fascination with silver spoons led Martyn Lawrence Bullard down his path to becoming a designer. The Los Angeles–based creative has since moved on to devise pieces with slightly more glamour, such as his recent collection of crowns for the French silver house Christofle, dubbed Silver Kingdom.

There is nothing quite like a home-cooked meal, and table decor is a noteworthy detail to a well-executed gathering.

In its almost two-century-long history, French silver company Christofle has collaborated with the likes of Man Ray, Jean Cocteau, and Gio Ponti for its world-renowned designs.

What began 80 years ago as one product defined by a crocodile—the polo—has evolved into a lifestyle. In celebration of Lacoste’s milestone anniversary, the brand has teamed up with the nobility of French heritage maisons to produce Maisons Françaises, a collection of nine notable objets—all commemorating the crocodile.

The best storytellers are those who understand the splintered origins of their tales, and are able to unite these fragments of meaning and connect them, viscerally, to their listeners’ lives. It is, epically, a storyteller’s era in design, and at 46, Stéphane Parmentier, former Lanvin, Léger, and Lagerfeld fashion designer turned interior architect, has polished this skill to a fine shine.