Bite Beauty

Bite Beauty Lip Lab
174 Prince Street
New York, New York
United States 10012
+1 646-484-6111

Head Office
140 Geary Avenue
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M6H 4H1


Consultants such as Deanne Terrell—an artist and makeup artist—will guide you toward a shade that will suit you best.

In Canada, our beauty brands are inclusive and socially conscious, the embodiment of the cliché about Canadian “niceness”. Everyone wants what we’ve got. Read on to find out what to buy from the next generation of quintessentially Canadian beauty brands.

“I’ve always had a great lipstick. My first was a classic Dior—it was a beautiful matte red,” says Susanne Langmuir, founder and CEO of Toronto-based lipstick company Bite Beauty. Headquartered on Geary Avenue in Toronto, the two-and-a-half-year-old company’s focus is lips—healthy ones.