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The new Lincoln flagship also boasts bold proportions; in this respect, the Continental harkens back to the muscular and sinister-looking American executive sedans of the sixties.

In a world full of gas-electric hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and fully electric luxury cars, even the most extensively refined internal combustion engines cannot match the smooth and silent push from an electric motor.

If America truly does love a comeback story, there’s no better place to stage it than in Los Angeles. At this year’s Los Angeles Auto Show, three models in particular stood out for the way they powered some legendary names back into the spotlight.

Whether in sci-fi television shows, novels, or films, the manner in which we travel from one place to another seems to epitomize technological innovation. From jet packs to spaceships, no futuristic vision is complete without a unique mode of transport.

As far as Pierre is concerned, bring on the piercing whine of engines, gruelling corner manoeuvres, brutal g-force of acceleration, exhausting heat, intense braking, gas fumes and sweat.