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Calendars for 2015

Envisioning the New Year.

Those with a love for all things analog surely appreciate the tradition of a yearly calendar, especially since the design set has taken it upon themselves to turn them into objets d’art.

Massimo Vignelli’s geometric Stendig calendar is the eternal classic—the only one in the design collection of the Museum of Modern Art—and this year marks its 46th turn. Simple and bold in black and white, this is one for the ages. The colour-inclined can pick up Peter von Freyhold’s Color Swatch calendar, printed double-sided on chromo cardboard with precise CMYK hues and values. Days of the week are pre-perforated and reversed chronologically, so colour stripes can be torn off in the correct order.

Another interactive option comes courtesy of the Populäre Produkte wall calendar. Equipped with 150 Post-it Notes, the calendar itself is printed on recycled paper and can be mounted in landscape or portrait.

Meanwhile, Swiss designer Jonas Wyssen envisions the year as an orbit—his Circular Calendar of the Year is designed to be read clockwise, and provides daily writing space, with a week planner in the inner circle. Each month has a corresponding colour, relating to the month’s average temperature, and the design includes all seasons and solstices, star signs, and moon phases for the year as well.

A good place to start page turning, certainly.