Moët Hennessy Launches Luxury Discovery Suite in Toronto for the Holidays

Holiday bubbles.

For the second year in a row, the LCBO has partnered with Moët Hennessy to offer a Luxury Discovery Suite experience at its Summerhill location in Toronto just in time for the holidays. The first dedicated luxury champagne, wine, and spirit space of its kind, the suite runs from November 13 to December 8 and features programming accessible to the public.

Throughout the month-long pop-up, the suite will be home to a number of different engagements meant to appeal to myriad clients, both old and new. With dinners, ateliers, and tastings, the programming features the finest brands under the Moët Hennessy label—including Veuve Clicquot, Glenmorangie, Belvedere, and of course those the company is named for, Moët & Chandon and Hennessy—and many ways to engage with them.

Designed in collaboration with the LCBO, the exclusive dinners pair the various luxury champagnes, wines, and spirits with the flavours of an unforgettable meal, and great company. Each dinner seats around 20 people. These rare events are already selling out, but it’s understandable—they offer the opportunity to taste some rare vintages and speak to storied experts like Maurice Hennessy himself.

The ateliers put the prestigious brands front and centre, offering opportunities to discover products like Ruinart Blanc de Blancs, Krug Grand Cuvée, and Volcán De Mi Tierra, while the complimentary tastings will appeal to both novices and experts as a chance to experience Moët & Chandon, Cloudy Bay, and other brands with a Moët Hennessy ambassador as your guide.

All of these experiences take place within the intimate setting of the suite itself, which completely transforms one of the rooms at the historic Summerhill LCBO (formerly the North Toronto Railway Station) into a pop-art feast for the eyes. The walls and floor are coloured a pastel blue and emblazoned with a logo that riffs on the Yves Saint Laurent one. With the trademark Glenmorangie giraffe in one corner and a celebrity-autographed magnum of Moët & Chandon in another, the room is brimming with sights worth taking in as you nurse a glass of champagne. These details evince just how much thought has gone into this project. You’ll undoubtedly be seeing this space on your Instagram feed in the weeks to come.

The connection between Christmas, New Year’s, and liquor sales is obvious, but it’s still staggering to learn that the holidays account for 80 per cent of all liquor sales in Canada, hence the big push from Moët Hennessy at this time of year. As much as the various events programmed throughout the month are about the bottles themselves, gift-giving is kept front of mind.

The suite emphasizes personalization and customization of Moët Hennessy products, from delicate calligraphy to tin boxes embellished with the name of your next international destination. There’s much to grab one’s attention, but the pièce de résistance is definitely complimentary use of a gold-plated Moët & Chandon calligraphy machine that allows one to type or freehand a short personalization on the side of their bottle.


For more information on the Luxury Discovery Suite pop-up and the dates and times of its dinners, ateliers, tastings, and personalization opportunities, visit the LCBO’s website.


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