3 Holiday Cookie Recipes

The most understated pleasure of Christmas is having the autonomy to pick and choose which of its festive traditions you actually want to adopt. For example, even if you must be subjected to helium-addled chipmunks singing in the mall, your home can be a joyously carol-free zone. To us, the most enjoyable holiday tradition is baking. It just doesn’t feel like Christmas until sugar granules are sprinkled across the kitchen countertop and a glorious waft is emanating from the oven. This year, we are more than happy to appropriate family favourite cookie recipes from three prestigious chefs: chef David Hawksworth of Vancouver’s Hawksworth has shared his recipe for chocolate-dipped cappuccino shortbread, while Susur Lee of Toronto’s Luckee let us in on how, exactly, to sculpt an elegant orange and ginger–flavoured fortune cookie. Milk Bar’s master-of-sweets Christina Tosi has offered up her own grandmother’s famous sugar-dusted oatmeal cookies, too. Preheat the oven and soften the butter, because it’s time to bake.

From a chef’s kitchen to yours:

This article was originally published December 4, 2015.


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