Jim Jarmusch and Saint Laurent Partner in New Video

Waking dream.

For the summer 2021 collection, Saint Laurent partnered with the iconic avant-garde film director Jim Jarmusch. Featuring Julianne Moore, Chloé Sevigny, Indya Moore and Charlotte Gainsbourg, all wearing several looks from the collection, the video presents a dreamscape of delicacies half-consumed at a party long over, as a mysterious purple light illuminates a vaulted ceiling. The women appear and reappear in different costumes, looking for one another, beguiling the lone waiter who holds a collection of glasses, possibly signifying hope or optimism in the face of the trying times fashion houses have faced during COVID. The characters note that the water is “French water” (the name of the video), as if to reference the invisible quality that something that comes from France holds.

Homages to the iconic fashion house appear throughout, like the single scooter from Saint Laurent’s collaboration with Vespa.

The camera for a moment focuses on a book of Poe’s collected works and psychedelic rock interrupts the moody synths playing throughout, adding to the surreal tenor of the film.

The clothing itself is crisp and prim with accents that recall Paris in the sixties and and seventies with high-waisted skirts and pants, scarves, floral prints, and faux-military cuts.