Fimbulvetr Snowshoes

High trek.

NUVO Daily Edit: Fimbulvetr Snowshoes

Norwegian brand Fimbulvetr (pronounced fimbullvether, meaning “the great winter” in Old Norse) set out to redesign a centuries-old technology: snowshoes. From their research, Fimbulvetr concluded that an ergonomic design offered optimal comfort and durability, and when in use, felt like a natural extension of the foot.

Each snowshoe is moulded into an asymmetrical unibody from a strong but exceptionally lightweight thermoplastic elastomer (commonly used in shock absorbers) that is fully recyclable and resistant to low temperatures. The design’s double curved surface and honeycomb pattern allow for maximum flotation, weight distribution, and grip. A patented hinge underfoot improves multi-directional traction and support, useful when traversing steep mountainsides and moving downhill. Where traditional snowshoes incorporate several potentially breakable parts, Fimbulvetr snowshoes comprise only 12 components, including binding and bolts. In other words, these snowshoes are built to last, and will get you from the mountain to the chalet quicker than you can say “hot cocoa”.