This Yorkshire-born aesthete has helped evolve Hunter beyond the boot.

A piercing specialist with her own label of jewellery, Maria Tash is known for dotting delicate earrings all over the ear—to an effect that’s decidedly more elegant than punk.

That old adage, sex sells, has played a role in Agent Provocateur’s success over its 20-year history—but it certainly hasn’t been the only factor.

Many fashion brands are named after a designer, founder, or some combination of the two. The exceptions to this are few and far between.

Like a chalkboard, HB pencils, and a desk whose top opens to reveal dried gum stuck to its insides, a globe is something most of us remember from our school days, yet haven’t given much thought to since Grade 4. This was no different for Peter Bellerby, who, in 2008, set about on a quest to find the perfect globe for his father’s 80th birthday.