In the courtyard outside Moët & Chandon’s imposing premises in Épernay stands a statue of Dom Pérignon, the Benedictine monk often credited with having created champagne in the 1670s. The statue is popular with the tourists who throng Moët’s tasting room and retail store, and they stand on Dom Pérignon’s plinth to have their photographs snapped with him, as if he were a Disney character.

Christian Louboutin’s red-lacquered soles speak for themselves. This summer, Toronto’s Design Exchange plays host to a celebrated Louboutin retrospective.

Saut Hermès signs line the Avenue des Champs Élysées like bread crumbs leading to a big glass dome. The Grand Palais, designed for the Universal Exposition in 1900, is where, for the third consecutive year, la maison Hermès has returned to its equine roots to present the show-jumping spectacle Saut Hermès.