The couple hired interior designer James McIntyre of McIntyre Bills to transform their century-old property in Calgary’s Mount Royal neighbourhood into a classic yet fashion-forward dwelling able to transport those who enter to London or New York.

One of the rising superstars in the world of show jumping, Ben Asselin, has been chosen by Hermès to join their elite group of partner riders.

There’s a moment of anticipation in Canadian author Will Ferguson’s novel 419 when Laura Curtis, a copy editor who has travelled to Nigeria to track down the men responsible for her father’s death, is stopped and held for questioning by an airport security official. Laura, fearful of being denied entry into Lagos, holds her breath in expectation of disappointment.

You thought you’d found it: the ideal outfit for that special occasion. It’s exactly what you had in mind—until you notice the ubiquitous logos adorning every surface. When best friends Anna McDonough and Nga Van discovered their mutual frustration with over-the-top branding and their love for local designs, they decided to do something about it.