FYI Talent

Behind the clues.

Brandishing a pencil, a pen if he is confident, a puzzler turns to the Arts & Leisure section of The New York Times, scans the page, finds his quarry, and settles in for a fight.


It’s another beautiful day at Broadfield, the 2,300-hectare sporting club at Sea Island resort in the south of Georgia, and Chris Kennedy, a master falconer there, is eyeing the trees. “Falconry,” he says, “is all about patience.”

Mix maestro.

The amaretto-like aromas of his grandmother’s cookie jar. An idea about puréed pumpkin. An English rose garden. For Tony Conigliaro, the crowned king of London’s molecular mixology scene, these simple thoughts have spawned ideas for innovative cocktails.

The Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative.

Let’s, for a moment, play that game “If you could invite anyone to dinner…” Our imaginary table has space for seven guests, each of a different nationality, and all must be living, working masters of their art.

All fade away.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: Sand sculptures aren’t just for kids. Our profile on Ontario’s Karen Fralich who began sculpting at the age of 14 and competing in 1998.

Behind the seams.

Imagine Saturday Night Fever without John Travolta’s white three-piece suit. Seems impossible. Costumes, created by the meticulous hands and utopian minds of costume designers, need actors to breathe life into them and the camera to capture them on film, resulting in a mystery moment of alchemy when it all comes together.

The 411 on 419.

There’s a moment of anticipation in Canadian author Will Ferguson’s novel 419 when Laura Curtis, a copy editor who has travelled to Nigeria to track down the men responsible for her father’s death, is stopped and held for questioning by an airport security official. Laura, fearful of being denied entry into Lagos, holds her breath in expectation of disappointment.

Big Booooooom theory.

If anybody were to call Jeff Hamada a square, they would have it almost all wrong. Yes, the glasses he wears are more right-angled than spherical. Certainly, many of the drawings he showcases on his blog sit comfortably within the parameters of straight-edged borders.