Spring 2014

NUVO Magazine Spring 2014 Featuring Rebecca Hall

Made in Italy.

From La Marzocco’s headquarters in Scarperia, just outside of Florence, the Italian king of espresso machinery is still an artisanal operation.

A royal setting.

Mellerio dits Meller, the last French independent luxury jewellery firm and the oldest jewellery house in the world, is often cited as the “jeweller to queens” for most of the European monarchs over the past four centuries.

Hook, line, and sleeker.

What happens in Haida Gwaii doesn’t stay in Haida Gwaii. Bringing home a fine specimen that fell for your line is expected, as is the requisite exaggeration of your catch’s proportions. If, that is, as a guest of the all-inclusive Clubhouse, it’s a good-looking salmon you’re after.

A Covent Garden concept store.

A 16-foot digital chandelier of multiple hanging screens is just one of the show-stopping pieces inside the Burberry Beauty Box. The concept store integrates Burberry’s fashion and beauty products with digital technology.

Aleksandra Pollner's porcelain fortune cookies.

Wedge, roll, cut, shape, repeat. That’s the mantra of Seattle-based artist-designer Aleksandra Pollner when she’s forming porcelain fortune cookies before they are kiln-fired.

Memoirs by Roger Ebert, Neil Young, and Stephen King.

There are few attributes that I admire more than productivity. I am captivated by those with the ability not just to create, and not just to create well, but to create well and often.

Those hallmark keepsake experiences.

When I was young, I went to Rome. On the last night of the trip, with an early departure the next morning, my friends and I thought it would be an excellent idea to buy a few bottles of wine and drink them outside the Colosseum.

Agave artistry.

If you are a fan of craft cocktails and drinking sapid spirits, it’s likely you’ve encountered the smoky, earthy, warm flavours of the agave-based distillate mescal. If you haven’t, you’re in for a treat.

Seating arrangements and arraignments.

The history of dinner seating, like the history of art, yo-yoes between moments of brilliance and periods of stagnation, and the politics of place cards is a tricky business.