Martyrdom, secret romance, minced mutton, and the bonfires of winter solstice—some of the world’s most beloved Christmas desserts have unexpected origins, indeed.

Cozy up with a hot cup of cocoa as you stroll through the bustling alleys of these international Christmas markets. From Germany to New York and Shanghai to Toronto, these holiday fairs welcome starry-eyed shoppers and rosy-cheeked spectators to explore a winter wonderland.

Elusive time flashes past us quickly, but the Timekeeper is a way to make it tangible.

Sharon Lockwood is as much of a creative hybrid as the duvet covers she designs.

With over 15 years of eye makeup knowledge, Nina and Max Leykind, co-founders of the cosmetics line Eyeko, have developed the world’s first custom-made personal mascara service.

If patience is a virtue, then Acetaia del Cristo is overflowing with goodness.

Jim Marshall wanted to rock. He wanted music that was raw, hard, and heavy. So, he created his namesake company, Marshall, to do just that.

Consider the suaveness of James Bond, Winston Churchill’s aura of authority, or even the approachable quirkiness of Bill Nye the Science Guy—all proponents of the bow tie, and somehow elevated for it.

Stromer’s ST2 has not reinvented the wheel—but it just may have reinvented the bike.