Lamborghini’s New Race Inspired Huracán STO

From race track to road.

Crafted by Lean

While Ducati is finding inspiration from Lamborghini, the latter is doing the same (as always) from the race track. The bull-badged automaker has also announced the new Huracán Super Trofeo Omologata or STO for short.

It references the Super Trofeo race series, a one-car showoff where every competitor pilots a Huracán Super Trofeo Evo. That race car is the foundation of this street car. Even though the STO features niceties such as air conditioning and airbags, it’s also offered with a roll cage.

With 640 horsepower from its V10 engine, of course it’s fast. It hits highway speeds in just three seconds, but the engineering behind how this car handles is the real story.

  huracan STO blue and orange Lamborghini sports car


First, the automaker swapped the all-wheel-drive setup typically found in the Huracán for a lighter rear-wheel-drive configuration. Pair that move with the copious amounts of carbon fibre, and you’ll find the STO is much lighter than other Huracán models (just 1,339 kilograms).

It’s light but also nimble thanks to that giant adjustable rear spoiler, which generates up to 500 kilos of downforce, nearly twice as much as the Huracán Performante, the previous hotshot in the Huracán lineup. Lamborghini says the STO is now two and a half seconds faster than the Performante around its Imola racetrack.

It’s safe to say that Lamborghini and Ducati are both looking to get this year closed out on a high note with these two new additions to their lineups.


huracan STO blue and orange Lamborghini sports car