What to Drink When You’re Not Drinking


Since its 2015 debut, Seedlip has been a leader in the non-alcoholic spirits category. Founder Ben Branson discovered the brand’s magic formula in a 17th-century book on the art of distillation by physician John French. The herb-forward result of Branson’s research struck a chord with sober and imbibing drinkers alike. Unlike mass-produced non-alcoholic spirits, Seedlip mimics the intricacies of traditional spirits while remaining distinctive to the palate.

Over the years, Seedlip has grown significantly, adding flavours, increasing distribution, and committing to sustainability, particularly in its packaging. By working with leaders in environmentally conscious packaging solutions such as Earthinks, Flexi-Hex, and Magical Mushroom Company, Seedlip is working toward being carbon neutral. “Seedlip relies on the natural world to create our distilled non-alcoholic spirits,” Branson says. “So it’s imperative our attitude and actions are of continuous improvement.”



“Packaging should be a visual representation of what’s in the bottle,” he continues. “Seedlip needs to feel great in the hand, look great on the back bar, and taste delicious. The full experience, no compromises.” Now Seedlip’s packaging is an environmental representation of what’s in the bottle too, no compromises.

Images courtesy of Seedlip.