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Gallery Without Walls

Art by the lake.

In Lake Oswego, just outside of Portland, fingerprints of public art are scattered across the city. Since 2001 its Gallery Without Walls exhibition has installed over 60 sculptures, some of which are permanent, voted on by residents and purchased by the local arts council—such as Lee Kelly’s striking Angkor 1—while others rotate through on a two-year basis. Take a walk to see how widely the artworks range, from Keith Jellum’s playful bronze rabbit, Vincent, to Ron Simmer’s pop art–like What Does the Nose Know?, a larger-than-life nose sculpture. “We receive between 70 and 80 submissions per year, but we don’t want all animals, all realism, or all abstract,” says Nancy Nye, executive director of the Arts Council of Lake Oswego. “We want to keep the exhibit really fresh.”

Photos by Deb Hollister for Pure & Simple Graphics.