Jade by HSBC

A new lifestyle program.

Jade HSBC, Inquiring Minds, Spring 2018

HSBC wants you to live life more richly. The British multinational financial institution has rolled out a lifestyle program alongside its private banking and wealth management services. Called Jade, the invitation-only platform is aimed at HSBC’s premier clients who have $1-million or more in investable assets. “A lifestyle club combined with the financial piece” is how Larry Tomei, head of retail banking and wealth management at HSBC Bank Canada, characterizes Jade. “Clients want people that take care of their money, but also help them with their style of living—a blending of finance with the personal.”

Want a last-minute reservation at a restaurant that’s been booked solid for months? Fancy teeing off at Pebble Beach? Need your dog walked? Jade will take care of all these requests and more, as HSBC has partnered with Quintessentially, known for its concierge services of unparalleled experiences, offers, and privileges. Jade features access to a private client relationship manager who serves a limited book of no more than 150 clients. That relationship manager will work with a team of investment counsellors and wealth planners on the client’s behalf.

HSBC is recognized as the world’s best bank. “This view comes from the client,” says Tomei. And by offering services more akin to those of a wealth manager, HSBC can win more valuable business from its customers. “Jade is about being there for our clients, be it their financial or lifestyle needs,” he says. “We are available on their terms, not our terms.” With data on the wealthiest account holders already at its fingertips, the financial institution is continually adding new portfolio products and banking services.

This wouldn’t be a proper club without an exclusive card. The Jade steel black credit card is recognized in the 67 countries and territories in which HSBC operates. “The card is just one aspect of the program,” says Tomei. “We [HSBC] are a bank and Jade is a banking experience.”


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