Boxed Water is Better

Message in a bottle.

NUVO Magazine: Boxed Water is Better

The discovery of a massive gyre of plastic in the middle of the Pacific Ocean sent out shockwaves in 1997, but the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is no anomaly. According to the Museum für Gestaltung Zürich, not a single square kilometre of sea water is free of plastic particles today. Essentially, our oceans have become a soup of broken-down non-biodegradable bits. In the United States, Americans buy half a billion bottles of water each week—but one young, entrepreneurial company has found an alternative to the growing demand for packaged water. Aptly named, Boxed Water is Better packages carbon-filtered water in fully recyclable paper cartons. Ten per cent of sales benefit world water initiatives, and another 10 per cent go to reforestation projects.