Montreal’s jet-set apparel brand has amassed a significant following for its understated but considered practical leather goods.

For many of us, health and wellness are a top priority, if not the leading item on our resolution list. While we may succeed in reaching for our gym pass or quinoa salad, one area often overlooked is oral healthcare.

HOLIDAY WISH LIST: Byron and Dexter Peart, the Montreal brothers behind wanderlust-inspired line Want Les Essentiels de la Vie, are on a roll.

Although the idea of travel may have once evoked glamorous notions of first-class ocean liners, heavy leather trunks, and high-society ladies with cinched waists and linen handkerchiefs, these days the business of getting from point A to B is an inane process involving airport check-ins, compromised cabin leg room, and jet lag. Enter identical twins Byron and Dexter Peart.