Select showrooms worldwide, and available through select retailers.

Brussels Showroom
152 Avenue Louise
Brussels 1050
+32 2 538 0015
[email protected]

Los Angeles Showroom
8950 Beverly Boulevard
Los Angeles, California
United States 90048
+1 310-858-1433
[email protected]

Manila Showroom
G/F One Parkade, 28th Street
Bonifacio High Street, Manila
+63 9155089205

Milan Showroom
4 Via Santa Cecilia
Milan 20122
+39 02 76003889
[email protected]

New York Showroom
152 Wooster Street
New  York City, New York
United States 10012
+1 212-966-0669
[email protected]

Paris Showroom
242 Boulevard Saint German
75007 Paris
+33 1 42 84 03 78
[email protected]


FROM THE ARCHIVE: Don of contemporary furniture Giulio Cappellini has had a decades-long career helming the family business. The architect, art director, and talent scout of international design excellence focuses on real products, not on lifestyle.

The utter abstractness of a Mark Rothko canvas or the shocking sparseness of a Donald Judd installation may seem like odd inspiration for a modular kitchen system. Minimalist art, after all, is by its very nature impractical. Our cook spaces, on the other hand, have to perform a multitude of hard, fast, and often messy functions.

For Toronto-born, now Tokyo-based Oki Sato, design solutions tell stories. While the use of manmade objects and spaces risks becoming mundane when unimaginative and repetitive, Sato believes that these everyday items and environments have the potential to create meaningful experiences. His designs, as a result, merge utility with quirkiness and charm.