The Pirelli Calendar. The name alone evokes a history of exclusivity, sex appeal, and artistry. Since 1964, the calendar has featured some of the world’s most beautiful models photographed under the artistic direction of renowned photographers.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: Since the Pirelli Calendar’s inception in 1964, the images have been not just of beautiful women but of the beautiful women. Here, we look back on the epitome of Mediterranean beauty, Signora Sophia Loren, who appeared in the famed calendar in 2007.

Whether or not Bentley owners know of the brand’s rich racing heritage, they’re about to learn a lot more about it. The well-heeled British carmaker has stepped back into the motorsport arena and has done so in a very big way.

When one of the staunchest car brands in the business announced a return to racing in 2012, there was huge interest, tremendous excitement, and more than a little skepticism. Yet the Bentley Continental GT3 has proven to be very quick in its initial forays.

The tradition of gentlemen (and women) racing stems not from a quest for fame or fortune, but rather from the desire to push both man and machine to the limits of their capabilities for sheer sport, bragging rights, and a well-deserved drink.

“The nude figure is one of the most beautiful expressions of nature and the purest way for us to reveal humanity in the face of art,” says Mario Sorrenti, the photographer—the “chosen one”—for the 2012 Pirelli calendar. The Cal is a fashion beacon, a photographer’s artistic statement, and a cult object sought by enthusiasts around the world.

Since 1964, the infamous Pirelli calendar—often referred to as simply “the Cal”—has achieved cult status with its eye-popping photography and art direction.