Pagani has since 1992 forged an enviable reputation among the world’s staunchest car aficionados and richest collectors. Their handcrafted hypercars are now among the most desired on the planet.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: As far as truly authentic Italian experiences go, it’s tough to match ripping around Lake Como from behind the wheel of a brand new Fiat 500 Abarth. Sergio Marchionne, the company’s Italian-Canadian CEO will now be taking 100 per cent control of Chrysler.

On a fine Saturday afternoon in early April, sprezzatura is alive and well on Bloor Street West, Toronto’s boulevard of shopping dreams. It is no thanks to the street itself, which is a mess of construction as the thoroughfare is being gussied up with granite sidewalks.

In the world of Ferrari, the cars and technology change, but the passion for performance always remains. And it comes through in ways subtle, and not so subtle.