Inside the 14 New Themed Suites at De L’Europe Amsterdam

Each suite was designed by a different iconic Dutch creator.

If you’ve ever wished to sleep immersed in the vivid colours of a Van Gogh painting, retreat into the solace of a womb, there is now a hotel for you. Amsterdam’s historic De L’Europe Hotel recently unveiled a new wing of suites titled ‘t Huys, an old Dutch spelling of het huis, “the house.” Celebrating art, film, design, music, and fashion, each of the 14 suites was designed by a different notable Dutch creative talent in collaboration with design studio D/Dock.

“We have selected 14 of The Netherlands’ leading creatives to design a unique collection of suites, marking a new chapter in the story of our legendary city landmark as our city celebrates its 750th anniversary,” De L’Europe Amsterdam managing director Robert-Jan Woltering says. “We hope that the project will further cement our position as one of Amsterdam’s true cultural hot spots, allowing our guests to immerse themselves in the world of some of our country’s finest talent and most inspiring minds.”


The Ravenstijn Gallery suite


The Bibi van der Velden suite


While all the suites maintain De L’Europe’s eye for opulence, with spacious rooms, heated bathroom floors, high-quality bedding, and Diptyque bathroom products, each has a distinct aesthetic. The rooms offer in-suite experiences such as a personal curation of Bibi jewellery to wear during guests’ stay in the Bibi Van der Velden Suite or a vinyl music station in the Media Nanny suite. There are additional “out-suite” experiences, like the Ravestijn Gallery suite’s trip to see the contemporary photography collection and a visit the couture label’s studio with the RVDK suite.



The Media Nanny suite



Created in partnership with the iconic Van Gogh Museum, the Van Gogh suite is dedicated to the post-impressionist artist. Before their stay, guests choose between one of three Van Gogh paintings, of which a high-quality 3D reproduction is revealed by a white-glove butler service and displayed in the room throughout their stay. Beginning with hyper-realistic sketchbook replicas in the foyer, the suite offers art enthusiasts a private museum experience, with display copies, letters, sketches, and items the artist owned. A projector above the bed casts images onto the ceiling, and in the bathroom, sunflower and almond blossom fragrances bring Van Gogh’s botanical inspirations to life.



The Van Gogh suite


The Van Gogh suite


The Sisters Janssen suite, by design duo Tisja and Ziarah Janssen, is an enclave of sensual feminine energy. From a purple entryway, dubbed Mirrors of the Soul for its mirrored artwork, guests enter into a red-hued combined living and sleeping space. With scarlet curtains and padded walls, a plush bed frame, and looping furniture, the space is meant to embrace the security of the womb, while a mural by Ziarah Janssen and objets d’art celebrate the female form.



The Sisters Janssen suite



Other ‘t Huys suites include Kokke House, D/Dock, Valerie Creative Agency, Gloobles, Wolfi Pictures, Salle Privée, and Amsterdam Fashion Week x Francon. The creativity and whimsy of the suites establish De L’Europe, which opened its doors in 1896, firmly in the present. “We conceived of the project as a way to introduce a new blended use concept to luxury hospitality,” D/Dock CEO Coen van Dijck says. “The result is a collection of tailor-made suite experiences where local icons, entrepreneurs, creative talent, Amsterdam-based brand builders, hotel guests, and city residents bring new life to this much-loved city landmark.”

Photographs courtesy of De L’Europe.