Conversation Piece XXVIII

A weekly series.

Conversation Piece

Enjoy our Sunday series, Conversation Piece, a NUVO-curated digest of things on the Internet we think you’ll want to talk about.

#Cheers. At first glance, French 25-year-old Louise Delage’s Instagram account seems unassuming and stylishly generic: lots of golden-hued photos of friends drinking rosé in parks and mimosa-fueled weekend brunches; beer bottles clutched on rooftops and champagne toasts at nightclubs; wine at gallery openings and cocktails at—okay, what’s with all the booze? Turns out, Louise isn’t a real Instagrammer, she’s a PSA intended to raise awareness about normalized alcohol abuse amongst young people. Subtle and effective, see it here.

Money shot. You’ll never believe how much bull semen is worth (it’s the other “white gold,” not making this up). The substance is the lynchpin of the global milk industry, and, as a result, has been the object of some seriously lucrative heists. But what makes the most valuable bull sperm? And moreover, how does one collect said bull sperm? The Walrus reports.

Intelligent life on our planet. The Hawaiian creation myth holds that octopi are the only creatures left over from an earlier incarnation of the Earth—terrestrial aliens, if you will. A new book by scuba-diving, biology-specializing philosopher Peter Godfrey-Smith seeks to explore their ancient character in depth, claiming the creatures have developed consciousness comparable to that of humans. Learn more.

What’s wrong with infidelity? Sex columnist Dan Savage has pointed out that fidelity is the only thing you’re automatically terrible at after one mistake. This essay in 1843 magazine picks up on the complexity of sexual morality in light of adultery’s stolid status as the least-permissible, and yet most inevitably human and universally practised taboo. Read it, here.


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