Crawling down the hall, gripping the handrails, guests are between a cartwheel and a handstand as they make their way down to dinner. The boat is at full tilt, on its side. It’s an interesting start to an Antarctic cruise.

When visiting Estonia, you simply can’t miss Tallinn; the Estonian capital city is picturesque with its winding cobblestone streets and layers of history. But if you want to see the soul of Estonia, head to the islands.

The Remota hotel in Patagonia, three hours from Chile’s Punta Arenas airport and just outside Torres del Paine Park, is appropriately named. Set among fjords, glaciers, and the Señoret Channel, the property’s backdrop is a blanket of wild golden grass, contrasted by cool blue water and South American sky.

Global sophisticates have long been heading to Italy and France for their European grape adventures. But if you’re a serious beer aficionado, there is no better place on the planet than Belgium to get your beer on.