FROM THE ARCHIVE: Can you control your dreams? According to Dr. Stephen LaBerge, a world-renowned Stanford University psychophysiologist and an authority on lucid dreaming, the answer is yes.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: Keene, New Hampshire, is the perfect model of a small town. It has a Main Street, a Central Square and plenty of quirky accolades. And as is the case with most small towns, Keene has seen good times and bad. But that all changed in 1991 when Center Stage, the downtown revitalization committee, started something that would soon put Keene on the map: a pumpkin festival.

Everything you hear about Las Vegas is true. It’s wonderfully tacky, deliciously sleazy, and as irreverent as the late Amy Winehouse on a bender.

From her fame in the 1990s, Alanis Morissette is often remembered as a woman scorned, confronting us with brazen, confessional lyrics from behind an incongruous mane of Pre-Raphaelite tresses.

From the lifestyle bible of the same name comes the Wallpaper* City Guides (Phaidon Press): an insider’s pocket guide to the world’s most exciting cities.

Stephan Moccio writes hit songs for superstars and now himself.