As far as Pierre is concerned, bring on the piercing whine of engines, gruelling corner manoeuvres, brutal g-force of acceleration, exhausting heat, intense braking, gas fumes and sweat.

FROM THE ARCHIVE:On the balance sheet of life, Justin Trudeau has a few noteworthy items on the asset side, not the least of which is the fact that he is the eldest son of former Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau, possibly the most widely loved and respected of all Canadian heads of state.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: The tide was high, the moon was full, and the time was right. This four-day extravaganza opened with balmy breezes that reached a pleasantly hedonistic whirlwind before the week was out.

Incredibly gifted and uncompromising, artist Edward Burtynsky celebrates two decades of creating powerful photographs that hit home again and again with his signature, staggering punch. In his enduring global hunt for evidence of industrial scarring of our planet, this 49-year old artist has steadfastly refused to become jingoistic about his profound concern for nature, and our relationship to it.