If even a fraction of the world’s population implemented regenerative practices in their backyards, balconies, and community gardens, the results could be staggering. This article offers basic tips and techniques to maximize carbon sequestration in your garden.

For the average person, oysters connote swanky seaside restaurants with unconscionable prices and snobby patronage. But these industrious bivalves are actually one of the most deliciously sustainable proteins on Earth. As the world scrutinizes its food systems and strives for more equitable, nutritious, and renewable foodways, regeneratively farmed oysters are poised to appear on our plates.

As the expat population grows, so does an attendant industry of guidebooks, websites, and travel experts, all claiming to possess the specialized knowledge necessary for a cheap and meaningful life abroad.

Mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs), which make up the bulk of retirement plans around the world, make it easy for average people to passively invest in industries they would otherwise avoid.

When Swedish startup X Shore built its first prototype in 2016, an all-electric luxury boat seemed like a pipe dream.

From alpine villages to dense Saxon forests, the German landscape is increasingly dappled with picturesque eco-hotels.