Hook, line, and sleeker.

What happens in Haida Gwaii doesn’t stay in Haida Gwaii. Bringing home a fine specimen that fell for your line is expected, as is the requisite exaggeration of your catch’s proportions. If, that is, as a guest of the all-inclusive Clubhouse, it’s a good-looking salmon you’re after.

Act of God.

Christchurch’s landmark cathedral gets a cardboard redesign by Japanese architect Shigeru Ban, who is the 2014 Pritzker Architecture Prize laureate.

Alpine adjustments.

Ask any resident of Switzerland about the railway and they’ll most likely make a case for it being Europe’s top set of tracks. “Swiss trains never even go on strike,” they’ll probably say.

Vintages from the mountains, plains, and coast.

Geographically, Chile counts as part of the New World, but in terms of its wine, it has a good claim to be part of the Old. Spanish missionaries and settlers planted grapevines there as early as the 1550s—and not just for sacramental purposes, by any means.

Beat nation.

Let’s imagine for a moment that it is 1972. In celebratory style, the year begins on a Saturday, and the musical landscape is loud with waves of rock and disco. The genre known as reggae is still largely a secret to ears outside the Caribbean, but a movement has been brewing.

Savouring St. Barths.

Call it a lust for the plate or culinary tourism or whatever you like, but when gourmands travel, they tend to plan by taste. An entire trip can be curated around one very dish—and if that is ever the case at Hôtel Le Toiny on St. Barths, it would surely be its most acclaimed plate.

Scenic glides.

Those European riverboats that slowly make their way down the continent’s beloved waterways are picking up speed. River cruising has become the fastest-growing segment of the cruise industry—and these vessels are not your grandparents’ riverboats.

Grandest in Gstaad.

Small and stylish with nearby slopes aplenty, Switzerland’s Gstaad is the envy of countless other ski destinations. Look no farther than the village entrance to seek out the strategically poised Le Grand Bellevue hotel.