Parafina, Eco-friendly Eyewear

100% recycled.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure: a cliché, but also a business model for Samuel Soria and Alfonso de Luján, co-founders of Madrid-based eyewear company Parafina. Garbage is a lucrative market, and Parafina rescues bamboo, plastic bottles, cork, aluminum cans, and rubber tires from landfills to manufacture its glasses. Two aluminum cans or three plastic bottles and Parafina can make a pair of frames. The entire process, from locating resources in the dump to dragging them to the factory, manufacturing the frames, and mounting the lenses is controlled by Parafina. Each pair of glasses comes in a case made from recycled high-density polyethylene plastic, along with a pencil made with recycled compressed paper. The head of the pencil contains a seed, which means, after use, it can grow a tree. As per its tagline, Parafina sees beyond the trash.



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