FROM THE ARCHIVE: On stage, Chan Hon Goh is the quintessential ballerina. A principal dancer with the National Ballet of Canada, Goh is one of the company’s most exquisite classicists. Her ballon, or the lightness of her landings, is legendary.

A crisp afternoon in the city, snow abundant, a few kids shooting hoops regardless in an otherwise empty lot, a CD player accompanying them, almost all stuff from the rap charts. On Nelly Furtado’s new record, more metaphorically than literally called Loose, there is a true musical affinity with this music, an understanding of it.

It’s a rare morning in the Stratford residence of Colm and Donna Feore: both of them are at home. He’s not starring in a Broadway show, making a miniseries in Rome or finishing off a film in London. And she’s not choreographing a movie in Prague, staging an opera in Edinburgh or mounting a musical in Toronto.