Music lovers.

Remember when someone professed affection for another with a custom mixed tape? Creating one took effort and dedication, to carefully play the cassette while simultaneously recording on another.

His very best.

On the strength of his appeal to a largely French-speaking audience, Roch Voisine has sold an incredible 12 million records since his career began in 1986 and delighted audiences globally with his sophisticated pop music.

Southern comfort.

“It’s funny that to me, in this point in my life, the things that I pushed away the hardest when I was young I embrace the most now,” says Rosanne Cash.

Lost and found.

While posthumously cataloguing his parents’ body of work, award-winning producer John Carter Cash discovered unreleased tracks that comprise a new Johnny Cash album, Out Among the Stars, released today.

Celebrating our 15th anniversary.

Onstage, professional performers capture our imaginations with their graceful, energetic, and thought-provoking pieces; they hold our attention, and we are transported.

Sound cloud.

HOLIDAY WISH LIST: There are those high-fidelity hounds who can’t wait to show off their latest audio upgrade. But tech-savvy as they may be, when it comes to aesthetics, some may find their home theatres and living rooms weighed down by the heft of the latest machinery.