Southern comfort.

“It’s funny that to me, in this point in my life, the things that I pushed away the hardest when I was young I embrace the most now,” says Rosanne Cash.

Hook, line, and sleeker.

What happens in Haida Gwaii doesn’t stay in Haida Gwaii. Bringing home a fine specimen that fell for your line is expected, as is the requisite exaggeration of your catch’s proportions. If, that is, as a guest of the all-inclusive Clubhouse, it’s a good-looking salmon you’re after.

Colourful creations.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: Everything gets debated in France. Consider the ongoing philosophical discussion about cookies that’s been raging for the last decade or so in the tonier arrondissements of Paris: it’s the war of the macarons.

Classical scales.

With a name like Thomas Pheasant, it’s easy to imagine a man with brilliant plumage. Dressed in a white Oxford, a tailored blazer, and a silk pocket square, however, he has more in common with his spaces.

A historic jewel.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: Hangzhou, situated in the Yangtze River Delta and a 38-minute ride by high-speed train from Shanghai, is one of China’s most unique destinations.

A monastic marvel.

Monasteries aren’t what they used to be. Today, we think of them as quiet, modest, even austere places in which monks pursue their relationship with God without the noisy distractions of the world around them. It wasn’t always thus.

New expressions.

Johnnie Walker is ubiquitous, stocked in the finest bars in the world and also found down dirt roads in Cambodia. People have been sipping it neat for close to 200 years.